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Shows & Workshops
Nancy and Mike Flynn, the clients of
"Hideaway Sunset" (2.5' X 6')
shown here with Debra.
Step 1  The photo the clients
picked of their hideaway  for their
Step 2  Value study of photo
Step 5  Composition  lines on a pink
tinted  gesso board   
Detail of Hideaway Sunset
commissioned for an attorney's conference room.
The images represent the process of creating a commission
painting. New works can be commissioned by e-mailing the
artist via Contacts Debra on the bottom of the page.
Artist's working studio
Image of the final painting
Step 4  Blue study sketch
Step 3  Purple study sketch
Step 6  Just covering the surface
Step 7  Developing medium colors
Step 8  More painting, more color !!
A Painting of a client's photo from Italy
where she was proposed to by her husband.
A Tribune to Van Gogh for a gift to client's
wife, which is her favorite painting.

Client commissioned two more paintings, different
compositions-but same theme, that will hang side by
side with the original painting.
Copyright Debra Grubbs 2009
Copyright Debra Grubbs 2009
Copyright Debra Grubbs 2009
Copyright Debra Grubbs 2009
Copyright Debra Grubbs 2009
Copyright Debra Grubbs
A Commission Painting finds a Home
at Paula's
Copyright Debra Grubbs 9
Copyright Debra Grubbs
A Sunrise for Tiffany
Copyright Debra Grubbs

If you are interested in
commissioning work for your home
or workplace, please contact me and
I will be happy to work with you to
create a painting just right for you
and the area it will hang. Especially
a painting  from
your own favorite
sunset or sunrise photo.